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The registered delegates/participants can send their abstract for poster/oral presentation, in about 250 words including title, authors name, and affiliation, to

Poster Presentation

Are you a better depicter?

Do you visually portray all critical details through graphs, pictures, and facts?

Then prepare a poster of size A0/A1 with your research works and display it to the most inspiring research community. Let your posters speak louder than your words and your insights speak through you.


  1. Bacteriology and Antibiotics
  2. Gene therapy
  3. Immunology and Monoclonal Antibodies
  4. Recombinant DNA Technology and Therapeutic Proteins
  5. Stem Cell Technology
  6. Tissue Engineering
  7. Virology and Vaccines
  8. Applications of enzymes in food processing
  9. Detection and control of foodborne pathogens
  10. Fermentation technology
  11. Functional food and nutraceuticals
  12. Sequencing and genotyping technology and applications
  13. Network biology and systems biology
  14. Prospects of Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  15. Metagenomics
  16. Health informatics


Are you a researcher with a handful of results to be discussed with the renowned delegates?

Are you a student to strengthen your biology by proffering insights?

If your poster abstract is one of the best, it could be shortlisted for an oral presentation. Within a limited span of 7-10 minutes, with open suggestions and interrogations from eminent speakers, fellow participants and audience, present your contributions to science. Utilize this platform to showcase the biologist in you to society.


Avidadham team hunts for an antiquarian and a dienophile.

Okay, have you started searching for meanings for these words now?

Now, start searching for the Nobel laureates who have really achieved several breakthroughs in science that had modified and created several advancements for the current explorations. Come prepared for the most exciting and fun-filled quiz of finding the Nobel prize winners since 1895.


Ideathon, conducted in association with UIC, offers a platform for budding researchers and students to present their ideas on innovative technologies and its applications, addressing any existing problem in the fields of medical biotechnology, food safety or machine learning for protein folding.

Rules and Regulations

Mention your Unique Selling Proposition – how your idea/concept/solution is really effective in solving the problem.



Antibiotic-resistant infections are increasingly becoming a significant problem in both hospitals and the community. New technologies to detect this resistance are the need of the day. The university has developed indigenously a clinically validated manual device capable of determining the antibiotic susceptibility within 6-8 h using a patented method for tackling the current menace of multi drug resistance among disease-causing bacteria. The workshop will give participants a chance to identify bacteria using MALDI biotyping and use our own patented Antibiogram method to determine antibiotic susceptibility.

Molecular docking

Molecular docking is the computational modeling tool that is important for Computer-aided- Drug Design. It helps to study the interaction between molecules at the atomic level. The docking process involves two necessary steps: prediction of the ligand conformation as well as its position and orientation within these sites (usually referred to as pose) and assessment of the binding affinity. Further advancements in drug discovery lead to virtual screening/ High throughput screening, which are a set of computational methods that analyze large databases or collections of compounds to identify potential hit candidates. AutoDock, ClusPro, GOLD, Glide are some of the software used for docking. This workshop focuses to get the theoretical background as well as a hands-on approach in molecular docking and virtual screening. The workshop focuses on different software used in Cheminformatics and methodologies.