An enthusiastic event designed to kindle your inner curiosity about the wonders of Biotechnology. The quiz consists of two rounds Prelims: paper based MCQs Final: Selected four teams will battle it out in a series of interesting onstage rounds.



Participants will have to buy the biological components that we auction off in order to build their ideal ecosystem. The biological components will be the things found in food chain. Participants have to present the feasibility of the ecosystem that you bought in auction, judging criteria will be based on the presentation.

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A  wuzzle is a saying / phrase that is made up of a display of words,  letters, symbols or figures in an interesting way. The object is to try  to figure out the well-known saying, person, place, or thing that each  wuzzle is meant to represent. For example, “CI II is solved as “see eye  to eye”. So here you go!! 

Doodle art

Doodling is a great, fun way of expressing yourself. It is accessible to everyone ! Let your mind wander ... Only a pencil and a piece of paper... You can really make great artwork, just by Doodling ! It can be abstract shapes or characters, objects, you're totally free. Email to


Guess the great personalities and know their great work to the world


 THEME: Healing (general) . Original content expected. No watermarks or post-processing allowed. Email to